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December 1, 2021, 12:51 pm

Team Building Activities at East Park

East Park offers team building programs from 1 hour to multi-day events. All programs are flexible and customizable to your group’s goals and requirements and can be geared to all fitness and ability levels. East Park’s Intencity Building is open year-round giving your organization the opportunity to book regardless of weather or time of day.

  1. To meet specific professional organizational objectives through effective training and team work.
  2. To deliver key messages and encourage higher participation within your organization.
  3. To recognize and signal appreciation for individual and team contribution.
  4. To revitalize multi-day meetings and conferences where low energy levels can diminish results.
  5. As a fun and educational social activity that also delivers results back into the workplace.
  6. As an incentive for top performance which is both personally and professionally rewarding.

Option 1

East Park’s Amazing Race (Fun, Physically and Mentally-Based)

Traditionally based amazing race with physical and mental challenges. The race is 1 to 3 hours in length depending on how long the organization would like to make it. Challenges can be inside, outside or both depending on time of year and requests from organization. Teams can be selected in pairs and/or up to large teams of 6 or more per team depending on the size of group. Good for groups of any kind and size!

Depending on the number of people participating – length of time and activities Starting at $25.00 plus tax/person

Option 2

Corporate Challenge (Fun and Physically-Based)

A series of events where members will compete for points, events can include mini-golf, driving range, batting cages, rock climbing, bumper cars, go karts, arcade. (2 – 4 hours) The events are set up in advance and the team is guided around by a facilitator who marks scores and explains rules and event specifics. Good for groups of  at least 30 participants.

Starting at $30.00 plus tax/person

Option 3

Adventure Based Learning Team Builder (Communication, Physically, Leadership, Synergy-Based)

  • Basic Trust activities (20-30mins)
  • Floor Based Challenges (30-60mins)
  • Rock Climbing, learning proper knots/belaying technique/climbing, coaching/team challenge (1.5 hours)

Team members are coached by a facilitator but will be expected to participate in all aspects of the program. Those unable to participate physically due to limitations can still actively be involved in the Team Building Process.

Dependent on program and number of participants

Option 4

2 Hour Pass Program (Fun and Physically-Based)

2 hours of unlimited indoor activities in Intencity including bumper cars, rock climbing, 10 tokens for arcade and jungle gym if the building is opened for your group only. No facilitator necessary. Program subject to availability.

$20.00 plus tax/person

Option 5

Ultimate Pass (Fun and Physically-Based, available in the fall only)

This pass gives you the ultimate East Park experience. Enjoy go-karts, rock climbing, batting cages, mini-golf, jungle gym, bumper cars and the driving range. This is an activity pass in which participants can do the activities without a guide and enjoy their team’s company without the challenge or timed aspect.

Go-karts (1 ride approx. 10 minutes)
Rock climbing (1 climb)
Batting cages (3 tokens)
Mini-golf (all day)
Driving range (1 bucket)
Jungle gym (unlimited)
Bumper cars (3 rides)

This pass is available ONLY when go-karts are open.

$35.00 plus tax/person

Ask about student and charity pricing for options above if eligible.

Your group can choose one of our optional Meal Packages or purchase directly from either the Snackbar at the Clubhouse or the Intake Grill at Intencity.  We offer a variety of hot food and cool treats.

The Basic Meal Package is served at the Intencity building – for details see below:

Basic Meal Package

Includes your choice of:
Hamburger (1/4 lb)
Jumbo hot dog
Pizza slice with pepperoni
Pizza with cheese only (vegetarian option)
Comes with:
Potato Chips
Small Pop
Desserts or a cool treat are also available on request!!

Cost – $7.00/person, plus tax

Please indicate your choices a minimum of 3 days prior to the event.


East Park can cater your group meal with several menu options, all provided on the large, partially covered patio.

Catered Meal #1 – $23.00/person, plus tax

Includes your choice of:
Prime N.Y. Strip Steak (10 oz) or 2 (5 oz) pieces of marinated – boneless chicken breast with:
Caesar salad
Dinner roll
Baked beans
Roasted potatoes
Dessert is also available on request – starting at $2.00/person.

Catered Meal #2 – $15.00/person, plus tax

Includes your choice of:
Hamburger (1/4 lb) or steak or chicken on a bun with:
Caesar salad
Pasta salad
Veggie tray
Dessert is also available on request – starting at $2.00/person.


Intencity Catered Meals (on Mezzanine Level inside or outside patio)

Intencity Mezzanine or Patio:
Meal Options 16" Pepp Pizza or Cheese only (8 slices) $15.00 each
Veggie Tray         Small                                  $25.00
Large                        $35.00
Cheese Tray        (serves 30-40)                                       $45.00
Fresh Fruit Platter                                                               $45.00
Deep Fried Munchie Platter (serves 15)                     $40.00
Bowl O' Fries (serves 10+)                                                 $18.00
Nacho Platter Veggie $25.00 Ground Beef $28.00 Ground Chicken $30.00)
Garlic Bread With Cheese ( serves 18)                                   $15.00
Chicken Wings (25 pieces)                                                 $30.00
Caesar Salad                                     Large $40.00 Small $18.00
Mixed Salad                                       Large $35.00 Small $15.00
Cookie Platter (serves 10+)                                               $20.00
Chip Bowls (serves 10+)                                                     $6.00
Large Portions = 20 – 40 people approx.        Small Portions = 10 – 20
Pitcher of Pop/Juice/Milk (serves 4) $5.00 each
Coffee Bunn (serves 15) $10.00
Other options are available upon request
people servings are approximate add HST and 10% gratuity to all prices
prices subject to chance without notice



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