London Ontario
March 26, 2023, 12:49 pm

Wave Pool Addition

Once Again, London Waterpark
Set to Make Waves


LONDON, ON – East Park trumpets return of a classic with addition of state-of-the-art wave pool attraction to East Park’s (Wally World) Waterpark.

At East Park, London’s place to play, summer fun 2018 begins this fall when the Forest City landmark breaks ground on a new wave pool expansion and associated amenities.

A welcome addition to East Park’s Waterpark’s seven waterslides – including the legendary 55’ high bullet slide – the new wave pool will continue a tradition of surfing the crest of advanced waterpark technology that started with the installation of the innovative water climber in 2008.

To complement the new wave pool, and to accommodate the anticipated influx of summer-loving Londoners, the expansion will also feature a lounge area, and pavilions. And we haven’t forgotten about our golfers with a new parking area reserved just for golfers.

“We are so excited,” says Alon Shatil, General Manager at East Park. “We have been planning this addition for many years, have cleared land to prepare for it, and now it is slated to open in June, 2018. Of all the suggestions we receive, ‘we want a wave pool!’ has come up the most often. We are more than thrilled to share that it is now happening.” We are also happy to announce that we have contracted Hollandia Gardens to Design and construct the wave pool addition.

“This new wave pool is a welcome addition to London’s tourism and hospitality industry,” said John Winston, General Manager of Tourism London. This state-of-the-art attraction will undoubtedly entice visitors from across the region and province. Another great reason to experience London.

London historians will know this isn’t the first time London has offered a wave pool – and that this announcement of a new, improved version marks the revival of a classic that operated when Wally World first opened its doors 21 years ago. “Through the ebb and flow of waterpark trends, its time has come around 2 again,” says Shatil. “And you can be sure this bigger, better evolution of an old Forest City favourite is going to make a splash!”

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