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Holiday Parties

Festive. Fun. PLAY!

Thought East Park was closed in the cold weather? No way! East Park is home to a 40′ rock climbing wall, bumper cars, two-story jungle gym, and an arcade! Lots to do during a Holiday Party hosted for your private party rental. The Intencity building can be all yours!

Perfect for large family/friends or company parties.

Length Price
2 Hour Rental $450+tax
3 Hour Rental $600+tax
4 Hour Rental $700+tax
All parties include unlimited bumper cars and rock climbing as well as jungle gym
Add tokens for just $2.50+tax per person for 10 video game tokens
10% Gratuities on all food
Intencity Mezzanine or Patio:
Meal Options 16" Pepp Pizza or Cheese only (8 slices) $15.00 each
Veggie Tray         Small (serves 20)                                 $25.00
Large (serves 40 to 50)                       $45.00
Cheese Tray        (serves 30-40)                                       $45.00
Fresh Fruit Platter                                           (Large $30.00 Small $15.00)
Deep Fried Munchie Platter (serves 15-25)                     $30.00
Bowl O' Fries (serves 10+)                                                 $18.00
Nacho Platter Veggie $25.00 Ground Beef $28.00 Ground Chicken $30.00)
Garlic & Cheese Slices ( serves 18)                                   $15.00
Chicken Wings (25 pieces)                                                 $30.00
Caesar Salad                                     Large $40.00 Small $18.00
Mixed Salad                                       Large $35.00 Small $15.00
Cookie Platter (serves 10+)                                               $20.00
Chip Bowls (serves 10+)                                                     $6.00
Large Portions = 20 – 40 people approx.        Small Portions = 10 – 20
Pitcher of Pop/Juice (serves 4) $6.00 each
Coffee Bunn (serves 15) $10.00
Other options are available upon request
people servings are approximate add HST and 10% gratuity to all prices
prices subject to change without notice

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