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May 21, 2019, 7:24 am

Group Rates

There’s no better way to enjoy East Park than with a large group. Whether you are thanking your employees for all their hard work with a company picnic or having a family reunion, East Park is the place to be.

Special programs and pricing are available for groups of 16 and larger.

Group Rates apply to groups of 16 or more persons.  (Must reserve in advance. All prices taxes extra)

Package A  Group Rates

Individual within Group “Paying as they Play” (group responsible for providing  a method of identification)

Seasonal Activities
Mini Golf $5.75
Small Bucket – Driving Range $5.50
Go-Karts NEW 1 Ride (approx. 5 min) $8.00
Batting Cages (12 balls/token – 3 tokens) $6.25
Indoor Activities (year round)
Rock Climbing (one climb) $5.50
Bumper Cars (3 rides) $6.25
Jungle Gym – All Day Pass (children 12 & under) $6.00
Wally World Waterpark – All Day Pass
All Day Pass  (includes all 7 slides – splash pad & wavepool) $22.00
Splashpad with Wavepool $15.00
Splashpad Only (NO Wavepool) $8.00
Landlover (Waterpark Entrance Only) $4.00
**Please note any patron under 10 yrs and or under 48" must wear a life jacket in the wavepool**

All pricing plus applicable taxes

Package B

The EP Coupon Program, Group Sponsored Activity Program

This program is designed for groups sponsoring the activities and paying at the end of the day in one payment or via invoice, subject to approved credit.

The EP Coupon Program utilizes coupons (prepared by East Park) specific to the group. Each coupon lists the following choice of activities and is valid for one activity per coupon (see sample below – note that  Waterpark requires 2 tickets). For example, if the group was paying for two activities per person we would provide 2 coupons per person and charge you for only what is actually used that day.

* – Please refer to rates listed in Package A*



East Park offers picturesque well-maintained picnic areas. A group can rent the picnic areas and cook for themselves over a charcoal BBQ provided with the site (ice, charcoal and utensils to be supplied by the user).

Or why not have East Park cater a meal in your own picnic area.  See our Catered Picnic Area meal details below:

Includes your choice of:
Hamburger (1/4 lb) or jumbo hot dog with:
Potato chips
Can of pop/bottle of water
Dessert is also available on request – starting at $2.00/person.

Cost – $7.00/person, plus tax

* Minimum of 50 people required to cater in picnic areas. Deposit required.

East Park can cater your group meal with several menu options, all provided on the large, partially covered patio.

Catered Meal #1 – $22.00/person, plus tax

Includes your choice of:
Prime N.Y. Strip Steak (10 oz) or 2 (5 oz) pieces of marinated – boneless chicken breast with:
Caesar salad
Dinner roll
Baked beans
Roasted potatoes
Dessert is also available on request – starting at $2.00/person.

Catered Meal #2 – $14.50/person, plus tax

Includes your choice of:
Hamburger (1/4 lb) or steak or chicken on a bun with:
Caesar salad
Pasta salad
Veggie tray
Dessert is also available on request – starting at $2.00/person.


Intencity Catered Meals (on Mezzanine Level inside or outside patio)

Intencity Mezzanine or Patio:
Meal Options 16" Pepp Pizza or Cheese only (8 slices) $15.00 each
Veggie Tray         Small                                  $25.00
Large                        $35.00
Cheese Tray        (serves 30-40)                                       $45.00
Fresh Fruit Platter                                                               $45.00
Deep Fried Munchie Platter (serves 15)                     $40.00
Bowl O' Fries (serves 10+)                                                 $18.00
Nacho Platter Veggie $25.00 Ground Beef $28.00 Ground Chicken $30.00)
Garlic Bread With Cheese ( serves 18)                                   $15.00
Chicken Wings (25 pieces)                                                 $30.00
Caesar Salad                                     Large $40.00 Small $18.00
Mixed Salad                                       Large $35.00 Small $15.00
Cookie Platter (serves 10+)                                               $20.00
Chip Bowls (serves 10+)                                                     $6.00
Large Portions = 20 – 40 people approx.        Small Portions = 10 – 20
Pitcher of Pop/Juice/Milk (serves 4) $5.00 each
Coffee Bunn (serves 15) $10.00
Other options are available upon request
people servings are approximate add HST and 10% gratuity to all prices
prices subject to chance without notice



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